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New release

“Terzo luogo” (Third place) as a middle ground between life and death, forgiveness and damnation, hell and heaven, the human and the divine, like a “third eye” capable of reading the subconscious.Not a compromise, but a path that climbs between existential questions and the painful hope of redemption with literary references (from Canto IX of Purgatory, to the symbolic esotericism of D’Annunzio), mythological and astronomical.

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TRANSLUNAGGIO…nove tributi al rock progressivo

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Copertina_AL-Tribute_front_2CD tribute released:

The realization of this tribute to some authors and musicians of the Progressive universe was pursued with the aim of bringing together, in a single cd, covers released on various compilations at different times,  with the addition of two new interpretations at track nb. 3 and 4 (and here, tribute in the tribute, we cannot fail to express a sense of bewilderment for the loss of two great and unparalleled voices like Francesco Di Giacomo and Demetrio Stratos).

The songs were ordered according to  the date of release of the originals, but registered and published at different times. 

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CD-Tribute Trailer

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The presentation trailer of the tribute CD on the Lizard Records Youtube channel by clicking on the image.

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(Italiano) Fine lavori CD-Tribute

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Sorry, this entry is only available in Italiano.

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It’s  here!

Fate has allowed  the Aurora Lunare CD  to  see the Christmas lights of 2013. Our  long journey culminating in the  realization of this work has been  a  series of coincidences-recurrences,  with the  constant support of those who shared this project with us and whom we will never cease to thank.

The album will be available through the official distribution channels of Lizard-Records.

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Here we Digipack_3A-UN_Bare! In just a few days  the CD goes to press. Everything was delivered to the Lizard (master + cover art with booklet)  and it will be released in digipack format.
Below is the final tracklist.

1 – Evasione di un’idea 07.56
2 – Eroi invincibili… son solo i pensieri 09.17
3 – Mondo fantasmatico 08.51
4 – Riflessi indicativi 06.42
5 – Corsa senza meta 05.19
6 – Secondo dubbio 05.58
7 – Interlunio 01.51
8 – Sfera onirica 03.54
9 – All’Infuori del tempo/Ritorno al nulla 07.40 *
* da “Felona e Sorona” (Le Orme) – special guest Tolo Marton

A heartfelt thanks to all those who have participated and supported us in the creation of this long-awaited work, especially to Loris Furlan, our “lunar helmsman” of Lizard Records and to Roberto for his help with graphics. 

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On Youtube

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The first official album

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