The Reunion

It must have been the insane idea, flashed a few years ago, of the realization of this website that stirred the waters, or the remorse for having left something unfinished: the fact is that here we are again, with some projects that have been whirling in our heads for years and that it is time to complete.

So, after discontinuing any musical activity at the threshold of the 90s, we dedicated ourselves to music in different ways.  Below, with some mnemonic effort, we recap the most significant experiences and occurrences as from the beginning of the third millennium. Some of them laid the foundation for our reunion:

2000/02/20 – Release of the first version of the “Aurora Lunare” website.

2003 – collaborations with CSPI, Prog  Movements and Wonderous Stories on the occasion of the writing of  ” Tales at 33 ….”.

2003/2004 – composing of 7 new tracks with the revisitig of 4 further pieces in view of the realization of our first CD.

July 21, 2007 – participation in the presentation of the book by Donato Zoppo ” PFM 1971-2006, 35 years of imaginary rock ”  at the Gaia Sienza bookshop in Livorno during the Notte Bianca event.Reunion_1

2007 – unexpected return of the original AL lineup’s drummer, Marco Santinelli

2008 – rehearsal sessions and recording of the drums arrangements for the new CD (line-up  Onorati , Pini, Santinelli and Tonetti).

– mention of Aurora Lunare on the book by Forni M. “Lungo le vie del Prog. Storia del rock progressive italiano – Personaggi e opere dal 1971 al 2008 “ , Palladino Editore, Campobasso.

– inclusion of Aurora Lunare in “The Progressive Rock Handbook” by Lucky J. – Burlington, Ontario: Collector’s Guide Publishingm.

2009 – participation in the Marillion tribute CD ” Recital for the season’s end ” produced by Mellow Records with the recording of the song” The Party “( line-up Onorati , Pini, Santinelli , Tonetti,  with theGruppo1_mod2_vign_BN contribution of the young musicians Cantini Valentina, Merli Greta, Pistocchi  Daniele).

– release of the triple CD “A TRIBUTE TO MARILLION  Recital for a season’s end” where Aurora Lunare perform the song “The Party”.

– participation in the Colossus Project of the 1970s tribute film (“Opening themes“) with the performance of “Gamma” by E.Simonetti and  “Connexion” by Goblins.

2010 – participation in the tribute dedicated to Genesis’ solo works with the song “Lorenzo” taken from the album “Dance into the Light “ of 1996.

– release of the Musea Records double CD  “Angry Dogs Opening themes … a tribute”  containing the songs “Connexion” by Goblins and  “Gamma” by E.Simonetti interpreted by AL

– recording of a tribute to The Flower Kings with the song “Trading My Soul ” and to The Yes with ” Don’t Kill the Whale ‘.

2011 – release of the quadruple CD “A Flower Full Of Stars” – A Tribute To The Flower Kings” where Aurora Lunare play ” Trading my Soul. “

2012 – release of the double CD ” Tales From The Edge: A Tribute to the Music of TheYes ” with the song ” Don’t Kill the Whale ” revisited by AL.

2013 – The first official album “Aurora Lunare” has been released by  Lizard Records, with  a range of selections  composed from the late 1970s up to the present day, but all played again with brand-new arrangements “

2018 – Release of the cover CD “TRANSLUNAGGIO…nine tributes to progressive rock” under the Lizard Records label. This is a series of tributes to some progressive rock authors and musicians, partly already published on various compilations, with the addition of two new songs. The tracks were sorted by the release date of the originals, but recorded and released at different times.

2023 – The second official album “Terzo Luogo” has been released by  Lizard Records, with new songs composed over the course of about ten years, which recall the sounds of historical Italian prog but with evident innovations and customizations that make it a unique concept. “Terzo luogo (Third place) as a middle ground between life and death, forgiveness and damnation, hell and heaven, the human and the divine, like a “third eye” capable of reading the subconscious…”

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