A new logo, a new cd containing tracks composed in the late seventies, but completely revised and performed with new arrangements and current sonorities, for a new musical verve that could let us somehow reopen a book too long kept on some dusty old shelf of the memory.  Progressive, as the word itself suggests, is something that progresses, that evolves and cannot remain anchored to the old clichés, although on their generating idea it continues to feed, and survives.

The project of  a work that, somehow, could close the account with our past (not   forgetting it, though)  and open new horizons of musicality and images, had always accompanied our thoughts ( and upset our sleep ), beginning to materialize when, from the fogs of time, Marco joined us again with his recovered eagerness to guide the group through his powerful rhythmics.

Until that moment, only hardworking restorations of live pieces and amateur recordings, not to lose the historical memory of Aurora Lunare.  Then, a few years ago, a first step forward with the participation in a tribute album (Mellow Records, Musea Records) dedicated to some big international bands (Marillion, Flower Kings, Yes) and to the progressive reinterpretation of soundtracks (Simonetti, Goblin): stimulating initiatives, but still not enough to justify the new-found reunion.

So, amidst various difficulties due to limited time and physical distances, a slow but ‘progressive’ work has begun to build what our first cd will be. A cd released by a record label that still has the courage to experiment: Lizard Records of the experienced commander Loris Furlan whom we have found ourselves in full tune with, musically and not only.

The four members of the new official line-up represent the hystorical nucleus of Aurora Lunare (Mauro, Luciano, Marco) with the addition of an old  acquaintance, Stefano Onorati, who joined us in a later moment with his professionalism and great experience as a jazz musician open to a wide variety of musical languages.  However, in this first artistic endeavor we have not been alone: in fact, some noble ‘lunar’ souls that had contributed to our past and recent history,  willingly answered to our call (Corrado, Graziano, Alessandro, Nicola) and we also had the luck and the honour to work in collaboration with musicians of great value , like Gianluca Milanese, Alessandro Corvaglia, and Tolo Marton (yes, really him!). 

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