TRANSLUNAGGIO…nove tributi al rock progressivo

Copertina_AL-Tribute_front_2CD tribute released:

The realization of this tribute to some authors and musicians of the Progressive universe was pursued with the aim of bringing together, in a single cd, covers released on various compilations at different times,  with the addition of two new interpretations at track nb. 3 and 4 (and here, tribute in the tribute, we cannot fail to express a sense of bewilderment for the loss of two great and unparalleled voices like Francesco Di Giacomo and Demetrio Stratos).

The songs were ordered according to  the date of release of the originals, but registered and published at different times. 


The present project is the making of a CD containing the edited tributes  contained in different compilation, adding some new songs of bands that wrote the history of italian (and not only) prog genre.

The first recording session was dedicated to the cover of a BMS song of seventies, a choise driven by the need to honor and remember Francesco Di Giacomo.

Moreover, we selected a second song from the Area repertory, again of seventies.

Marco Tamburini

MarcoTamburini_1The renowned jazz musician, Marco Tamburini, trumpet player, colleague and friend of our Stefano Onorati in many works of high artistic profile, recently passed away in a road accident (Bologna, Italy).

Aurora Lunare join the grief of the family and all his musical world that appreciated and estimed him for long time

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